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First March of XGMA Products into Bonded Warehouse in Brazil

September 06, 2013

Aug. 29, 2013, the first shipment of XGMAwheel loader was effected from Xiamen port, heading to the bonded warehouse inmiddle Brazil. The shipment of more than 60 units of machines includes H-Serieswheel loaders (version 2013), E-Series excavators and the classic mini loadersXG918. According to reports, XGMA will carry out the second shipment coveringalmost 300 units of leading products in the fourth quarter this year, in orderto satisfy the needs to pick up machines for surrounding distributors andcustomers.

By batch shipment of products, the storagewill be moved forward to make sure a rapid response for end-users’ demand andgreatly cut the lead time. Meanwhile, batch shipment can largely reduce thetransportation cost and create benefits for end-users.

By way of picking up machines from thebonded warehouse which is based on real-time sales demand, it will, to aremarkable extent, relieve the occupying funds of distributors caused by lonetime of logistics lead time. Besides, the released funds can be used for theexploration of XGMA business such as new-product-recommendation which will helpboost the sales and grasp local market.

XGMA has always been committed in refinedlayout of sales network for years. Brazil market now has formed a uniqueregional distributorship network by 3 years of endeavor. Since 2013, XGMAalready increased 12 secondary distribution & service outlets from supportsof Brazil subsidiary and regional initial distributors, which further realizedno clearance coverage on inter-regional distributor network. In the meantime,the supply of powerful after-sales service such by XGMA Service & SpareParts Center will help liberate the distributors and end-users from worries andconcerns.



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